Forever Roses: A Comprehensive Guide

What are Forever Roses?

     Forever roses are real roses that have been specially treated to maintain their freshness and beauty for an extended period. These roses are grown, cut, and then undergo a preservation process involving a glycerin-based solution. This unique treatment allows them to last for months to years, far exceeding the lifespan of typical fresh roses. Forever roses are known by various names, including everlasting roses, eternal roses, eternity roses, infinity roses, immortal roses, roses that last forever, and preserved roses.

Origin and Best Quality Sources

     The best quality preserved roses typically come from South America, particularly Ecuador and Colombia. These regions are ideal for rose cultivation due to their proximity to the equator, which ensures ample sunlight, and their high-altitude locations in the Andes Mountains, which provide abundant water and mineral-rich soil.

How to Make Forever Roses

Understanding the Process: Creating forever roses involves a meticulous preservation process that transforms fresh roses into long-lasting blooms. This process is not typically done at home due to its complexity and the need for specific chemicals and conditions. However, understanding the process can provide insight into the unique beauty and value of these roses.

Steps in the Preservation Process:

  1. Selection of Roses:

    • The process begins with the selection of high-quality, fresh roses. These roses are usually harvested at their peak bloom to ensure they retain their beautiful appearance.
  2. Initial Preparation:

    • The roses are then prepared by removing any damaged petals and trimming the stems to the desired length.
  3. Dehydration:

    • The natural moisture in the roses is carefully removed. This is typically done through a controlled drying process, ensuring the roses maintain their shape and color.
  4. Replacing Natural Sap with Preservative:

    • The crucial step in making forever roses is replacing the natural sap and moisture within the rose with a preserving solution. This solution is primarily made of glycerin, a natural preservative, mixed with other ingredients to maintain the flower's texture and flexibility.
    • The roses are submerged in this preservative solution for a period, allowing the glycerin to completely replace the water content in the petals and stem.
  5. Color Enhancement (Optional):

    • While some forever roses retain their natural color, others are enhanced or altered using dyes added to the preservation solution. This step allows for a wide range of color options, from natural hues to more vibrant or unique shades.
  6. Drying and Setting:

    • After the preservation process, the roses are carefully dried. This step solidifies their shape and ensures the preservative is fully absorbed.
  7. Final Touches:

    • Any additional enhancements, such as scent infusion or decorative elements, are added at this stage. The roses are then inspected for quality and prepared for packaging or display.

Lifespan and Care

     Forever roses can last for years without wilting or fading, provided they are not exposed to excessive sunlight, fluorescent light, or extreme humidity conditions. They require minimal maintenance, such as occasional dusting, and do not need water or special handling.

Advantages of Forever Roses:

  1. Longevity: Forever roses, especially those that look like normal roses, can last from 1 to 3 years, with some varieties lasting even longer. This extended lifespan is significantly longer than that of fresh roses.
  2. Real Roses: These roses are real, preserved in a way that maintains their natural shape, color, and appearance for an extended period.
  3. Variety: There are different types of forever roses, including those that look like normal roses and gold-dipped roses, offering a range of choices for different preferences.
  4. No Maintenance: Unlike fresh roses, forever roses do not require water or special care, making them a convenient and hassle-free decorative option.
  5. Allergy-Friendly: They are suitable for people with pollen allergies, as the preservation process removes pollen.
  6. Cost-Effective Over Time: While the initial cost may be higher, their longevity makes them more economical in the long run compared to frequently replacing fresh roses.

Disadvantages of Forever Roses:

  1. Limited Lifespan for Some Varieties: Despite the name, not all forever roses last indefinitely. Some varieties, particularly those that resemble normal roses, start to deteriorate after about a year.
  2. Cost: The initial cost of forever roses can be high, especially for quality products. For instance, a single forever rose that looks like a normal rose can cost around $40 to $60, while gold-dipped roses can be even more expensive.
  3. Environmental Sensitivity: Their lifespan can be affected by environmental factors like sunlight and humidity. Some varieties may require a sealed case or dome to mitigate these effects.
  4. Authenticity Concerns: There are instances of artificial roses being passed off as real forever roses, so buyers need to be cautious and informed.
  5. Personal Preference: The choice between natural-looking forever roses and gold-dipped roses depends on personal preference. While gold-dipped roses offer a luxurious and unique appearance, they might not appeal to everyone.

Cost Comparison

     When compared to fresh roses, forever roses are more economical over time. For instance, a dozen preserved roses might cost around $150, but they last much longer than fresh roses, which would need to be replaced every couple of weeks, leading to a higher cumulative cost.

Safety and Allergies

     Forever roses are a safe choice for individuals with allergies to pollen, as the preservation process removes pollen from the flowers.


     While not all preserved roses retain a natural rose scent, high-quality providers like Forever Monroe's offer bouquets with a lasting fresh rose scent. Custom options without scent are also available.


Purchasing Tips from Imaginary Worlds Company

When considering the purchase of forever roses, it's crucial to select a reputable and reliable provider like Imaginary Worlds Company. This company is known for its commitment to quality, ensuring that both the preservation process and the original flower quality are of the highest standard. The longevity and aesthetic appeal of the roses largely depend on these factors. Imaginary Worlds Company has established a reputation for delivering forever roses that consistently meet these high standards, providing customers with blooms that truly stand the test of time in both beauty and durability.

     In summary, forever roses are a unique and long-lasting alternative to traditional fresh roses, offering beauty, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. They are an excellent choice for gifts, home decor, or for those who appreciate the beauty of roses without the maintenance of fresh flowers.

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