Recopilación: Armonía azul claro

Light Blue Harmony de Imaginary Worlds simboliza tranquilidad y comprensión. Ideal para gestos relajantes, baby showers y expresar empatía. Perfecto para nuevos padres, amigos cercanos y quienes buscan paz.

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"Mystery and Longing." A light blue rose communicates a sense of deep fascination and desire for the unreachable. It symbolizes the extraordinary and the unique, often indicating admiration for something that is rare and highly valued. This rose also represents a longing for the unattainable, evoking feelings of wonder and intrigue.


Ideal for occasions that celebrate the unique and the extraordinary, such as exclusive events or milestone achievements. They are also suitable for moments where you want to convey a message of admiration for something rare and unattainable, or as a symbol of achieving the seemingly impossible.


Light blue roses symbolize mystery, the unattainable, and the impossible. They often represent a desire for the unachievable, as light blue roses do not occur naturally. In some cultures, they are seen as a symbol of something deeply desired yet just out of reach, conveying a sense of wonder and longing.