Recopilación: Delicia de naranja oscuro

Dark Orange Delight de Imaginary Worlds representa fascinación y entusiasmo. Ideal para ocasiones aventureras, celebraciones y expresar fascinación. Perfecto para amigos y seres queridos.

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"Intense Fascination and Passion." A dark orange rose communicates a message of deep attraction and enthusiasm. It symbolizes an energetic and passionate form of affection, often indicating a strong and adventurous spirit in the relationship. This rose also conveys warmth and a bold approach to life, reflecting a lively and dynamic form of love.


Ideal for conveying a strong sense of passion and interest, making them perfect for romantic gestures that are deep and enthusiastic. They are also suitable for celebrations or events that are vibrant and full of energy, such as exciting social gatherings or parties.


Dark orange roses symbolize fascination, energy, and a sense of adventure. They represent a deeper, more intense form of desire and enthusiasm compared to the lighter orange roses. In many cultures, dark orange is associated with warmth, vibrant passion, and a bold spirit.