Recopilación: Elegancia verde esmeralda

Emerald Green Elegance de Imaginary Worlds representa lujo y vitalidad. Ideal para ocasiones de celebración, logros importantes y como símbolo de prestigio. Perfecto para triunfadores, dignatarios y buscadores de regalos de lujo.

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"Prosperity and Growth." An emerald green rose communicates a message of richness in life, prosperity, and growth. It symbolizes a wish for success and good fortune in various aspects of life, whether in health, relationships, or professional endeavors. This rose also represents healing and balance, reflecting a deep connection to the rejuvenating forces of nature.


Ideal for events that celebrate growth and prosperity, such as business openings, personal achievements, or milestones in life that signify progress and success. They are also perfect for expressing a wish for health and rejuvenation, making them suitable for get-well-soon gestures or events promoting wellness and balance.


Emerald green roses symbolize opulence, prosperity, and growth. They often represent a sense of richness in life and relationships, as well as a deep connection to nature and its rejuvenating qualities. In many cultures, emerald green is associated with healing, balance, and enduring life.