Recopilación: Serenidad verde salvia

Sage Green Serenity de Imaginary Worlds simboliza la sabiduría y la tranquilidad. Ideal para crear una atmósfera relajante, obsequios de bienestar y expresar un cuidado atento. Perfecto para mentores, profesores y quienes buscan la paz.

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"Harmony and Growth." A sage green rose communicates a message of peace, calm, and renewal. It symbolizes a wish for good health and continuous growth, both personally and professionally. It also represents a deep connection to nature and an appreciation for the calming influence it brings to our lives.


Ideal for occasions that mark new beginnings or personal growth, such as graduations, new business openings, or personal achievements. They are also suitable for wellness events or spaces promoting tranquility and healing, like spas or retreats.


Sage green roses, a rarity in nature, symbolize peace, tranquility, and growth. They are often associated with a sense of harmony and renewal, reflecting the calming presence of nature. In some cultures, sage green represents wisdom, good health, and a connection to the earth.