Recopilación: Rubor de serenidad

De Imaginary Worlds, Blush of Serenity representa calidez y amor genuino, lo que lo hace perfecto para el Día de San Valentín, el Día de la Madre o para mostrar agradecimiento a alguien especial.

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"Gentle Affection and Budding Romance." A blush rose communicates a message of soft, tender love and the beginnings of a romantic connection. It symbolizes innocence and the subtle beauty of a new relationship. This rose also conveys a sense of quiet and understated elegance, reflecting a delicate and sincere form of affection.


Ideal for expressing new, budding emotions, such as early stages of a relationship, or as a gentle expression of affection. Blush roses are perfect for occasions like a first date, an engagement, or to celebrate the gentle beginning of a significant journey in life.


Blush roses symbolize softness, innocence, and a budding romance. They represent a gentle and subtle form of love, often associated with the first flush of affection and a tender, delicate emotional connection. In many cultures, blush roses are seen as a symbol of young love and the dawning of feelings.