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Preserved Real Rose Eternal Rose Flower

Rose is a symbol of true love, preserved one is the symbol of eternal, this everlasting rose can be the symbol of your forever love, your harmony family and your loyal friendship. Transparent glass dome plus a wooden base with hydrangea decor underneath the rose, an immortal rose with grade embedded in it, crystal heart design on top of the dome stands purity. Also a sign of good faith to the person you give to.

The preserved rose is made of real fresh rose, it can be preserved 3-4 years, no need for watering or managing, but you do need to avoid direct sunlight, odorous stuff, high moisture temperature, and dusty environment.

Each rose is delicately packed to ensure the fragile items to be unharmed. It can be a unique gift to your loved ones, family or friend for Christmas, valentine’s day, birthday, proposal, thanksgiving day, etc. A unique gift for the unique one. It also has great decor in the living room, bedroom, study room, etc. Shining and blossoming while bathing under your indoor light, spread warmth and love all over your home.