13-inch Rose Bear | Green

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

Introducing the 13-inch Rose Bear | Green, a vibrant testament to the beauty of nature and the art of gifting. This unique rose bear harmoniously blends the whimsical charm of teddy bear and roses, featuring real, preserved green roses meticulously arranged to capture the essence of a teddy bear rose plant. Each bear made out of roses stands as a symbol of growth, renewal, and the flourishing beauty of nature.

Encased in a transparent acrylic box for stunning display and protection, this creation diverges from the traditional with its distinctive green hue, reminiscent of a lush teddy bear rose bush. Unlike the mystical purple rose bear or the elegant black rose bear, the green variant offers a fresh perspective on love and appreciation, making it an extraordinary rose bear gift.

This bear with roses is not just a gift but a statement, perfect for those who seek to convey deep, enduring connections. The rosa bear elevates any occasion, serving as a unique alternative to the conventional teddy bear made of roses. Whether you're searching for a rose bear nearby or wish to gift a teddy bear with rose that stands out, this green rose bear captures the heart with its vibrant energy and symbolic meanings.

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