About Us

Imaginary Worlds — 2019 Hong Kong

Welcome to Imaginary Worlds, where the charm of preserved roses meets the innovation of resin craftsmanship in the heart of Hong Kong. Our story began in 2019, born from a shared dream among a group of recent 3D technology graduates from the University of Utah, specializing in Entertainment Arts and Engineering. We were driven by a vision to harmonize romance with functionality, infusing the elegance of nature into the rhythm of modern life.

Our Team and Philosophy

Our team is comprised of passionate 3D printing experts and floral enthusiasts, all with a strong academic background from the University of Utah. With a shared love for roses and a commitment to innovation, we create unique pieces that blend technology with nature's beauty. We believe that roses are not just flowers; they are a universal language of love and beauty. Our design philosophy centers around making this beauty long-lasting and integrating it into everyday life.

Commitment to Sustainability

Since our inception, we have been committed to sustainability. Choosing preserved roses over fresh ones is a conscious decision to minimize environmental impact. This choice reflects our dedication to reducing the resources typically consumed in traditional flower farming, such as water, energy, and pesticides.

Our Future Vision

Looking ahead, we hope to integrate more 3D art elements, such as offering 3D glasses to view our designs, creating entirely new worlds for each customer. This aligns with our initial vision of establishing unique imaginary worlds within each acrylic box.

Join us at Imaginary Worlds, where each piece is a fusion of art, technology, and nature. Our creations are not just items you purchase; they are stories of passion, innovation, and a commitment to a greener future. Here, romance, craftsmanship, and sustainability coalesce, offering you a glimpse into a world where the beauty of roses endures forever.

Press & Media

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