Recopilación: Felicidad de Borgoña

Burgundy Bliss simboliza una profunda pasión y sofisticación, perfecto para aniversarios románticos, reuniones íntimas y como gesto de profundo amor. Ideal para cónyuges y compañeros cercanos.

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"Deep Passion and Unconscious Beauty." A burgundy rose communicates a message of deep and intense emotions. It symbolizes a mature, passionate love that is both profound and enduring. This rose also conveys a sense of unconscious beauty, reflecting an attraction that is deep-seated and incredibly powerful.


Ideal for expressing deep, passionate emotions, especially in long-term relationships or to signify a deepening of feelings. Burgundy roses are perfect for significant anniversaries, romantic gestures with a profound and serious tone, or for events that celebrate deep and enduring emotional connections.


Burgundy roses symbolize deep passion, unconscious beauty, and a serious nature. They represent a more intense and profound form of love compared to the bright red rose, often associated with a mature and enduring affection. In many cultures, burgundy is seen as a symbol of a very deep and passionate form of love, sometimes even signifying a love that has yet to be realized.