Recopilación: Serenidad azul

Blue Serenity de Imaginary Worlds representa confianza y lealtad. Ideal para expresar confianza, obsequios corporativos y fomentar vínculos fuertes. Perfecto para socios comerciales, colegas y amigos leales.

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"Mystery and Intrigue." A blue rose communicates a sense of deep fascination and a longing for the unattainable. It symbolizes the extraordinary and the unreachable, often indicating an admiration for something that is rare and unique. This rose also represents a desire for the mysterious and the unknown, reflecting a deep and intriguing form of affection.


Ideal for occasions that celebrate the unique, the extraordinary, or the mysterious. Blue roses are perfect for events with a theme of fantasy or the unusual, or for expressing feelings that are deep, complex, and enigmatic. They are also suitable for conveying a message of admiration for something rare and highly valued.


Blue roses symbolize the mysterious, the unattainable, and the impossible. They represent a desire for the elusive and are often associated with a sense of mystery and intrigue. In many cultures, blue roses are seen as a symbol of longing for the unachievable, conveying a sense of wonder and deep desire.