Recopilación: Sueños de lavanda

Lavender Dreams representa encanto y gracia, perfecto para gestos románticos, relajación y el Día de la Madre. Ideal para parejas, madres o para crear un ambiente tranquilo.

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"Enchantment and Wonder." A lavender rose communicates a message of fascination and a deep sense of wonder. It symbolizes a magical and almost otherworldly form of love, often suggesting a rare and special connection. This rose also conveys a sense of elegance and regal splendor, reflecting a unique and captivating form of affection.


Ideal for romantic gestures that convey a sense of enchantment and fascination, such as early stages of a relationship or a special anniversary. They are also perfect for occasions that celebrate the extraordinary, like an art exhibition, a fantasy-themed event, or any moment where the intention is to express admiration for something truly unique.


Lavender roses symbolize enchantment, mystery, and a sense of the magical. They are often associated with love at first sight or a deep sense of admiration and wonder. In many cultures, lavender roses represent a sense of uniqueness and splendor, conveying a magical quality to the emotion being expressed.