About Us

Imaginary Worlds — 2019 Hong Kong

     Imaginary Worlds is a unique, independent and advanced combination of three professions: the romantic rose beauty, the ancient craft of resin craftsmanship, and the fast-pace modern city lifestyle in Hong Kong. After three years of efforts, Imaginary Worlds has created a series of resin products that are both useful and romantic, practical and aesthetic.

     Our products combine the ancient craft with cutting-edge technology to create furniture pieces that serve a purpose and bring a memorable design experience to those who use them. Two key elements are usually sacrificed when we plan everything in life: one is the pursuit of aesthetics; another is the pursuit of flexibility; but at Imaginary Worlds, our products brilliantly combine both form and function, handwork and technology. As well as let you project your imagination to an imaginary place where time stands still for a moment after reading this text frame on this page as it does on some pages in our shop.