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Anniversary Edition - Eternal Love Heartfelt Roses with 99 Eternal Roses of Devotion

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Presenting the "Anniversary Edition - Eternal Love Heartfelt Roses" from Imaginary Worlds, an opulent expression of love's timeless journey. Specially curated for anniversaries, this luxurious arrangement consists of 99 meticulously preserved roses, each representing the countless moments of love shared. Arranged in a heart shape and encased in our grand heart shaped acrylic box, it's an extraordinary gift that symbolizes the depth and eternity of marital bonds, truly a heart in a box.

  • Magnificent Array of 99 Preserved Roses: Symbolizing the numerous cherished moments in your union, these roses are a grand gesture of your everlasting love, a veritable garden of love heart flowers.
  • Artisanal Heart Formation: Expertly crafted by Imaginary Worlds' artisans, the heart shape embodies the passion and tenderness of your relationship, akin to a heart arrangement made manifest.
  • Luxurious Presentation: This grand ensemble is presented in a sizeable square black box, dimensions approximately 19.29 x 19.29 x 6.30 inches, epitomizing elegance and grace, making it a big heart gift box for the ages.
  • Anniversary Celebrations Exemplified: Designed to make your anniversary momentous, this arrangement from Imaginary Worlds is an unmatched token of your enduring love story, perfect for those seeking valentine heart shaped boxes or a heart gift box large enough to express the grandeur of their affections.
  • Rose Count: 99 Preserved Eternal Roses, each a whisper of devotion, akin to roses in shape of heart, ensuring every glance is a reminder of your unending love.
  • Box Size: Approx. 19.29 x 19.29 x 6.30 inches, not just a container but a treasure chest that holds a sunflower and rose heart bouquet in essence, capturing the vibrant and enduring nature of love.

Embrace the "Anniversary Edition - Eternal Love Heartfelt Roses" as more than a mere floral arrangement; it is a testament to the timeless nature of love, flourishing with a mere glance and the simplest of care, forever enshrined in the heart shaped acrylic box.