Cinderella's Enchanted Heel with Infinity Roses

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

Experience the allure of timeless romance with the "Cinderella's Enchanted Heel with Infinity Roses," a breathtakingly romantic piece that captures the essence of fairy-tale love. This decorative high heel, inspired by Cinderella's iconic crystal slipper, symbolizes the pursuit of love and happiness. Encased within the crystal-clear heel are three Infinity Roses, each representing everlasting love and enduring affection.

This exquisite piece is not just a decoration but a profound gift ideal for various occasions. Gift it to yourself and embrace your inner queen, celebrating self-love and independence. Presenting this to a lover echoes the promise of eternal love, akin to the romantic tales of Cinderella. When given to a friend, it signifies lasting friendship and appreciation, making it a unique and thoughtful gesture.

Housed in an elegant acrylic box, the dimensions of this enchanting piece are 25 cm x 12 cm x 20 cm, perfect for gracing any space with its beauty and charm. Whether as a gift to someone special or a treasure for oneself, the "Cinderella's Enchanted Heel with Infinity Roses" stands as a timeless emblem of love and magic.

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