Crimson Embrace Angel Wings

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

The Crimson Embrace Angel Wings feature a dramatic and romantic fusion of rich red roses contrasted with sleek black feathers. Each wing gracefully arcs downwards, supported by a delicate golden metallic stand, creating an air of elegance and mystery. Encased within a crystal-clear acrylic box, this piece from our darker series captivates with its blend of beauty and allure.

  • Vibrant Red Roses: Carefully selected for their deep crimson hue, symbolizing passion and enduring love.
  • Sleek Black Feathers: Adding a touch of sophistication and depth, these feathers contrast beautifully with the roses.
  • Golden Support Stand: A subtle hint of luxury that elevates the overall aesthetic.
  • Acrylic Display Case: Ensures durability and showcases the intricate details of the design.
  • Luxurious Home Decor: Perfect as a standout piece in any decor setting or as a unique gift that conveys deep sentiment and style.

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