Mini Radiance Teal Bear Lamp

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

Discover the enchanting Mini Radiance Teal Bear Lamp, a whimsical addition that brings a serene yet vibrant atmosphere to any setting. This captivating lamp features a teal preserved rose bear in the shape of a teddy bear, beautifully mounted on a sleek golden base. With its plug switch and three adaptable color temperature settings, this lamp serves both as a practical light source and a charming decor piece. The meticulously preserved teal roses ensure the bear retains its mesmerizing hue and allure for years, making it an enduring part of your home or office. It's an ideal choice for those who love distinctive bear lamps such as gummy bear lamp, bear night lamp, and more.

  • Designed with a golden metallic base and teal preserved roses formed into a bear, creating an eye-catching bear table lamp.
  • Equipped with adjustable lighting, making it an excellent choice for a bear night lamp.
  • Long-lasting and vibrant, perfect for adding a whimsical flair with a bear lamp shade.
  • A perfect gift or decorative element, embracing the fun and creativity of lamp bear designs.

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