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Petite Heart Eternal Rose Box

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Discover the "Petite Heart Eternal Rose Box" by Imaginary Worlds, a delightful eternal roses box that brings the timeless gesture of love into a charmingly compact form. Dressed in a vivid non-leather Barbie Pink, it's a quintessential eternity rose box for expressing enduring affection.

  • Compact Romantic Design: At about 5.5 x 6.5 x 15.9 inches, this box is a space-saving symbol of love, ideal as an eternal rose gift box.
  • Vibrant Pink Hue: It's styled in the fashionable Barbie Pink shade, offering a contemporary twist on romantic gifting.

  • Trio of Eternal Roses: Inside the eternal love rose box, three preserved roses represent an undying love, showcased in lasting beauty.

Maintain the splendor of your forever roses with simple care: keep them away from harsh conditions and handle them gently. These roses are a testament to a bond that endures, encapsulated in the "Petite Heart Eternal Rose Box."