Purple Rose Bear with Neon "Marry Me" Message

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Introducing our Purple Rose Bear with Neon "Marry Me" Message, an exquisite and unique declaration of love and commitment. This stunning rose bear stands between 59 to 83 inches tall and features the heartfelt message "Marry Me" in bright white neon letters. Each bear is skillfully handcrafted using preserved purple roses, offering a lasting beauty that transcends time. The design is completed with eco-friendly, 3D-printed materials and a luxurious round golden base, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

  • Crafted with premium preserved purple roses for long-lasting beauty.
  • Illuminated "Marry Me" message in striking white neon letters.
  • Eco-friendly 3D-printed base ensures durability and sustainability.
  • Elegant round golden base adds a touch of luxury.
  • Handcrafted to order, with a creation time of 30-40 days.

Large Purple Rose Bear:

  • Length: 52 cm (20.5 inches)
  • Width: 49 cm (19.3 inches)
  • Height: 70 cm (27.6 inches)
  • Ideal for showcasing in prominent areas.

Huge Purple Rose Bear:

  • Length: 79.8 cm (31.4 inches)
  • Width: 73.5 cm (28.9 inches)
  • Height: 95 cm (37.4 inches)
  • Perfect for making a bold statement.

Giant Purple Rose Bear:

  • Length: 91 cm (35.8 inches)
  • Width: 83 cm (32.7 inches)
  • Height: 120 cm (47.2 inches)
  • Great for larger spaces needing an impressive display.

Colossal Purple Rose Bear:

  • Length: 112.6 cm (44.3 inches)
  • Width: 102.5 cm (40.4 inches)
  • Height: 150 cm (59.1 inches)
  • Exceptional for grand settings and events.

Monumental Purple Rose Bear:

  • Length: 174 cm (68.5 inches)
  • Width: 159 cm (62.6 inches)
  • Height: 210 cm (82.7 inches)
  • A breathtaking centerpiece for any occasion.
  • Are the roses real? Yes, we use authentic preserved roses that maintain their natural beauty over time.

  • How long does it take to create the Rose Bear? The creation process takes 30-40 days due to the meticulous handcrafting involved.

  • Is the bear environmentally friendly? Yes, the base is made from eco-friendly, 3D-printed materials ensuring sustainability and durability.

  • Engagements and Proposals: Perfect for those unforgettable moments when you ask the big question.
  • Anniversaries: A unique and memorable way to celebrate years of love and commitment.
  • Special Color Variations: In addition to the beautiful purple, explore options like the Black Rose Bear or the charming Rosa Bear, each crafted to offer a distinctive visual appeal.
  • Gift-Ready: Delivered in a stunning rose bear gift box, making it an ideal present for significant occasions.
  • Convenient Shopping: Available for purchase through our online platforms, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • Long-Lasting Beauty: Choose from our real flower bears designed to retain their elegance without the need for water.
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  • Luxury Variant: For those seeking something extra special, our Dose of Roses Bear provides a premium option.

Whether celebrating a special proposal, an anniversary, or any moment of love, the "Purple Rose Bear with Neon 'Marry Me' Message" is a captivating and elegant way to express your deepest feelings, sure to enchant and delight the recipient.