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Wedding Dress

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Rose Color
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Truly the best birthday gift I have ever received! SO surprised when I opened the red box!


About this item

Dimensions: 28*28*33(cm)

Flower Count: 80-85 Everlasting Roses

Disclaimer: Please note that variations will occur since all of our arrangements are uniquely handmade by our in-house designers.

100% Real Rose - Our roses are hand-picked at peak freshness and carefully arranged in a variety of colors, styles, and looks by our master florists.

Long-lasting Rose - Each rose undergoes an environmentally friendly cutting-edge method that allows them to maintain its beauty and color for at least a year. No toxic ingredients, no risk of pollen allergy, and no stinky smell.

Ultimate Gift for Him/Her – Our Box arrangement serves as a lovely gift that will not only leave a lasting impression but will also add the perfect dose of elegance and beauty to a room.

Maintenance-Free Rose: no watering, no need for sunlight, easy care for years of enjoyment.