Recopilación: Esplendor del champán

Champagne Splendor de Imaginary Worlds representa celebración y refinamiento. Ideal para aniversarios, ocasiones especiales y brindar por logros. Perfecto para parejas y eventos de celebración.

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"Elegance and Celebration." A champagne rose communicates a message of refined beauty and a celebration of life's special moments. It symbolizes a sophisticated and luxurious form of affection, often indicating a toast to achievement or a significant milestone. This rose also conveys a sense of understated elegance, reflecting a graceful and distinguished form of appreciation.


Ideal for sophisticated celebrations, such as elegant weddings, anniversaries, or significant achievements that call for a classy acknowledgment. Champagne roses are also perfect for events that embody a sense of refinement and luxury, like gala dinners or upscale social gatherings.


Champagne roses symbolize elegance, celebration, and subtle beauty. They often represent a sense of refinement and a toast to the good things in life. In many cultures, champagne as a color is associated with luxury, sophistication, and understated yet impactful celebrations.