Sammlung: Blaue Gelassenheit

Blue Serenity von Imaginary Worlds steht für Vertrauen und Loyalität. Ideal, um Vertrauen auszudrücken, Firmengeschenke zu machen und starke Bindungen zu fördern. Perfekt für Geschäftspartner, Kollegen und treue Freunde.

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"Mystery and Intrigue." A blue rose communicates a sense of deep fascination and a longing for the unattainable. It symbolizes the extraordinary and the unreachable, often indicating an admiration for something that is rare and unique. This rose also represents a desire for the mysterious and the unknown, reflecting a deep and intriguing form of affection.


Ideal for occasions that celebrate the unique, the extraordinary, or the mysterious. Blue roses are perfect for events with a theme of fantasy or the unusual, or for expressing feelings that are deep, complex, and enigmatic. They are also suitable for conveying a message of admiration for something rare and highly valued.


Blue roses symbolize the mysterious, the unattainable, and the impossible. They represent a desire for the elusive and are often associated with a sense of mystery and intrigue. In many cultures, blue roses are seen as a symbol of longing for the unachievable, conveying a sense of wonder and deep desire.