Sammlung: Silberne Gelassenheit

Silver Serenity steht für Ruhe und moderne Eleganz und eignet sich perfekt für moderne Dekorationen, besondere Jubiläen und als Symbol für Raffinesse. Ideal für Modernisten und Trendsetter.

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"Elegance and Grace." A silver rose conveys a message of respect for wisdom and the beauty of aging gracefully. It represents a sophisticated bond or admiration for someone's enduring strength and dignity over time. It also suggests a forward-looking optimism and a futuristic perspective.


Perfect for celebrations of significant achievements or milestones, such as anniversaries, retirement parties, or major career accomplishments. They are also suitable for events that have a futuristic theme or for decorating during festive seasons, adding a touch of elegance and glamour.


Silver roses, while not found in nature, symbolize elegance, sophistication, and futurism. They are often associated with achievements, wisdom, and the graceful aging process. In many cultures, silver is linked with moonlight, conveying a sense of mystery and calmness.