Sammlung: Lila Mystique

Mauve Mystique von Imaginary Worlds symbolisiert Verzauberung und Majestät und eignet sich perfekt, um bei Verabredungen, Jubiläen oder als einzigartiges Geschenk ein Gefühl von Geheimnis zu erzeugen.

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"Enchantment and Majesty." A mauve rose communicates a message of deep admiration combined with a sense of awe and wonder. It symbolizes a love that is both beautiful and majestic, often suggesting a magical or fateful quality to the bond. This rose also represents a refined and elegant form of affection, evoking a sense of grandeur and splendor.


Ideal for romantic gestures that are imbued with a sense of the extraordinary and the magical. Mauve roses are perfect for anniversaries, special dates, or any moment where the intention is to express a love that is not just deep, but also filled with wonder and enchantment.


Mauve roses symbolize enchantment and a sense of wonder. They often represent a love that is not only deep but also contains an element of fantasy and magic. In some cultures, mauve roses are associated with majestic beauty and splendor, often linked to royalty and elegance.