Sammlung: Blaugrüne Ruhe

Teal Tranquility von Imaginary Worlds symbolisiert Ruhe und Raffinesse. Ideal für moderne Dekorationen, Geschenke zum Stressabbau und zur Schaffung einer ruhigen Umgebung. Perfekt für Profis, Künstler und alle, die zeitgenössische Eleganz schätzen.

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"Mystery and Uniqueness." A teal rose communicates a message of trust, sophistication, and an appreciation for the unconventional. It can also signify a deep emotional connection that transcends the ordinary.


Ideal for events that celebrate uniqueness and creativity, such as art exhibitions, unconventional weddings, or milestone celebrations like a 'coming of age'. They are also appropriate for occasions that require a touch of tranquility and contemplation, like memorial services or spiritual gatherings.


Teal roses, though not found naturally, symbolize mystery and uniqueness. They often represent a sense of creativity and whimsy due to their unusual color. In some cultures, they are seen as a symbol of protection and spiritual energy, reflecting the serene yet profound aspects of the ocean and sky.