Sammlung: Erröten der Gelassenheit

Blush of Serenity von Imaginary Worlds steht für Wärme und echte Liebe und eignet sich perfekt für den Valentinstag, den Muttertag oder als Zeichen der Wertschätzung gegenüber einer besonderen Person.

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"Gentle Affection and Budding Romance." A blush rose communicates a message of soft, tender love and the beginnings of a romantic connection. It symbolizes innocence and the subtle beauty of a new relationship. This rose also conveys a sense of quiet and understated elegance, reflecting a delicate and sincere form of affection.


Ideal for expressing new, budding emotions, such as early stages of a relationship, or as a gentle expression of affection. Blush roses are perfect for occasions like a first date, an engagement, or to celebrate the gentle beginning of a significant journey in life.


Blush roses symbolize softness, innocence, and a budding romance. They represent a gentle and subtle form of love, often associated with the first flush of affection and a tender, delicate emotional connection. In many cultures, blush roses are seen as a symbol of young love and the dawning of feelings.