Sammlung: Graue Gnade

Grey Grace steht für Ausgeglichenheit und Neutralität und eignet sich perfekt für Firmenveranstaltungen, zum Ausdruck von Beileid und als raffinierte Geste. Ideal für Kollegen, Kunden und respektvolle Anlässe.

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"Balance and Elegance." A gray rose communicates a message of calmness, stability, and neutrality. It symbolizes a mature and dignified form of beauty, reflecting an understated yet profound elegance. This rose also conveys wisdom and a sense of timelessness, representing a stable and balanced approach to life and relationships.


Ideal for occasions that call for understated elegance or convey a sense of balance and stability, such as corporate events, formal gatherings, or sophisticated social functions. They are also suitable for expressing condolences or support during times of uncertainty or loss, offering a sense of calm and steady support.


Gray roses symbolize balance, neutrality, and elegance. They often represent a sense of calm and steadiness, conveying a mature and sophisticated form of beauty. In many cultures, gray is associated with wisdom, dignity, and timeless elegance, often seen as a color that provides a stable foundation.