Sammlung: Rosa Blüten-Charme

Pink Blossom Charm von Imaginary Worlds, das Liebe und Dankbarkeit symbolisiert, eignet sich perfekt, um an Geburtstagen, zum Muttertag oder als Dankeschön seine Zuneigung auszudrücken.

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"Grace and Joy." A pink rose communicates a message of gentle affection and admiration. It symbolizes a joyful and graceful approach to love and relationships, often indicating a tender and heartfelt emotion. This rose also conveys appreciation and happiness, reflecting a charming and delicate form of affection.


Ideal for expressing admiration, joy, or gratitude. Pink roses are perfect for occasions like Mother's Day, birthdays, or as a way to say "thank you." They are also suitable for romantic gestures that emphasize a gentle, caring aspect of love.


Pink roses symbolize grace, happiness, and gentleness. They often represent admiration, joy, and gratitude. In many cultures, pink roses are associated with femininity and elegance, conveying a sense of refinement and sweet affection.