Sammlung: Hellrosa Freude

Light Pink Delight von Imaginary Worlds verkörpert Zärtlichkeit und Freude und macht diese Rosen ideal für neue Beziehungen, Babypartys oder als sanften Ausdruck der Liebe.
"XOXO Eternal Love" Rose Art
"XOXO Eternal Love" Rose Art - Imaginary Worlds

"XOXO Eternal Love" Rose Art

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"Gentleness and Grace." A light pink rose communicates a message of gentle affection, grace, and admiration. It symbolizes a tender and sweet form of love, often indicating a caring and thoughtful emotion. This rose also conveys a sense of elegance and youthful beauty, reflecting a charming and delicate form of affection.


Ideal for expressing gentle emotions such as admiration, sympathy, or gratitude. Light pink roses are perfect for occasions like Mother's Day, the birth of a baby, or as a thoughtful gesture to show care and consideration. They are also suitable for romantic gestures that emphasize a sweet and tender aspect of love.


Light pink roses symbolize gentleness, grace, and admiration. They often represent sweetness, elegance, and an understated form of love. In many cultures, light pink roses are associated with femininity, youth, and innocence, conveying a sense of delicate affection and care.